Chris Girvan-Brown

(aka “Urban Griller)Chris Girvan-Brown

Chris is the head BBQ chef/educator of the Urban Griller BBQ Cooking School.

He has written numerous BBQ articles for food magazines, instruction manuals, and cookbooks. He also does BBQ cooking segments for local radio and has been running BBQ cooking schools for 14 years. Chris also writes a monthly column for US BBQ magazine StoryQue.

Urban Griller offers Barbecue cooking classes, and consultancy services for restaurants wanting to put US style BBQ and Charcoal Grill on their menu and testing/design services for BBQ manufacturers.

This website contains information on all of these services as well as a number of recipes, outdoor cooking ideas and other things of interest related to outdoor cooking.

The Urban Griller Shop pages provide unusual and hard to get BBQ equipment and accessories from around the world, we test every product we sell and we do not sell products we do not use ourselves.

Barbecue in Australia has traditionally focused on what people from other parts would call grilling. I have an interest in all kinds of outdoor cooking including Wood Fired ovens, Dutch ovens, Open fire cooking, Smoking, Preserving, Sauce making and what the Americans would call “Texas barbecue”, a slow smoke roasting technique.

Feel free to enjoy what this web site has to offer and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to . . .