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December 2021

November 2021

Meat Temperature Phases


As the Internal Temperature increases, the structure of the meat undergoes phase changes. Enzymes in the meat are breaking down the fibres Proteins begin to denature and enzymes stop working before 50°C  (122°F) The longer you take to heat the meat, the more time the enzymes have [...]

Meat Temperature Phases2022-02-21T08:53:14+08:00

June 2020

PK Grill Hot and Indirect


PK Grill Hot Indirect Cooking The PK is so versatile and easy to run! This is the first of a series of How To articles I'll be doing for the PK For this cook, I'll be doing a basic Pork Belly with Crackle. I've set the PK up as suggested in [...]

PK Grill Hot and Indirect2020-06-12T12:52:27+08:00

June 2017

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