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June 2017

Vegemite Brisket


We all grew up on Vegemite, it is nation building stuff, it’s one of the first things our parents put in our mouths, probably just to see the reaction, but Aussie baby albums are full of photos of little smiling faces with black goo smeared all over the, the walls and furniture, dog, anything [...]

Vegemite Brisket2018-03-22T09:55:23+00:00

May 2017

Smoked Butter


Making your own butter is dead easy; it tastes great and is an immensely satisfying process! Why bother to make your own butter? Because it is astoundingly good, so much better than the store bought stuff! Butter, a wholesome simple food, it couldn’t be simpler to make, no additives just basic stuff, now how [...]

Smoked Butter2018-10-18T13:02:29+00:00

April 2017

Korean Chicken (Speakeasy Sample)


Over the years I’ve made countless attempts to duplicate the taste of KFC, some failures and some relative successes, but I always fall just a little short of the flavour etched into my mind, not a surprise really, not even my local KFC can duplicate their own [...]

Korean Chicken (Speakeasy Sample)2017-04-26T14:26:41+00:00

February 2017

Measuring Pellet consumption in a Pellet Grill


For those of you with Wood Pellet Grills, it’s easy to get a running cost. This is handy information when you are wondering if you have enough pellets to cook what you want. You could also put enough of one type of pellet in to start the cook, then top up with a different flavour [...]

Measuring Pellet consumption in a Pellet Grill2017-02-20T16:04:39+00:00