What is BBQ?

In Australia BBQ is a largely generic term meaning to grill outdoors, it can also be used to describe the grill.

BBQ in the USA means food cooked Low and Slow on fire.

What most Australians call BBQ, Americans would call Grilling.

At Urban Griller we love all forms of outdoor cooking and we break that down into basic styles.

For more information on each style and the types of equipment and fuel best for that style, please click on the sections below.

Roasting is usually done in a covered cooking environment, usually roasting is best with larger cuts at moderate temperatures, dry heat surrounds the food, cooking it evenly on all sides.

Roasting and Baking are similar, baking is usually done at lower temperatures although there are exceptions like Pizza.

In the US, braising is grilling where the heat source is from above, for me, braising is a combination of a roasting or Low and Slow technique with the food in a pan with a liquid.

Hot Smoking and Cold smoking have been food preserving techniques for centuries. Usually Smoking is done at low temperature.

Often confused with smoking because of the tendency to call US slow cooked BBQ “Smoked Meat”. This process takes tough cuts and cooks them slowly to create a tender intense flavoured smoky result.

The Science of Cooking is the most fascinating topic in the world of BBQ and outdoor cooking. Understanding the science of what is happening will make your cooking better and less stressful.