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BBQ School is run by a Voucher system, you can buy a voucher in the General Store.  We customise the vouchers with the recipients name and put them on the BBQ News mailing list. Every month we send out BBQ News with the next 6 weeks of BBQ School Dates.

The new website has an online booking system for BBQ School, you book in with your voucher number.

Purchase a voucher from the store.  The voucher can be a gift or purchased for yourself.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months.

You can book directly into one of the classes listed.


If you have a voucher purchased after March 1 2017, you can use its number to “pay” for the class, if your voucher is pre March 1 2017 you will need to email me so I can manually put you into the class.


If you do not have a voucher, you can simply buy a place in the class of your choice.


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What to Expect

You get the days tuition, more food than you can eat, email and mobile phone access to me in case you need it, a copy of my BBQ School Cookbook, a digital temperature probe as well as quick reference fact sheets.

BBQ School is a relentless day of cooking, tasting and jokes, you will never look at your BBQ the same way again. This is not a class teaching how to make pretty little things on sticks and colourful sauces, this is serious, take no prisoners real BBQ! This class will make you a hero in your own backyard.

bbq school
It is important to think about BBQ School not as learning a set number of recipes, but as an exploration of the techniques and skills that will make your backyard BBQ an enjoyable and productive experience well into the future. You will learn all the basic techniques as well as more advanced styles like smoking, you will learn the science of food treatments and cooking techniques, you will have fun and you will get your hands dirty, you will take home an arsenal of skills and secrets that you can treat your family and guests to the very next day!

You need to bring a pad and pen, liquid refreshment of your choice (and don’t forget one for the teacher), your appetite (don’t eat breakfast and don’t plan to go out for dinner) and an apron (you will get dirty).

BBQ School uses Gas and Charcoal BBQ’s, it is technique that we teach and all techniques can be applied to either Gas or Charcoal.

For more info, see Frequently Asked Questions

The actual dishes we cook vary seasonally, but to give an example, the following is a list of the major things we cook in the full day class:

prawns wrapped in proscuitto

  • smoked mussels

  • Prosciutto Prawns

  • Plank Grilled Salmon*

  • Grilled Fruitcake

  • Chilli Pineapple

  • Chocolate Bananas

  • Rack of Lamb

  • Slow cooked Rack of Beef

  • Whole Fish

  • Master Stock Chicken

  • Beer Can Chicken

  • Brined Chicken Wings

  • Souvlaki

  • 6 hour steak

  • US-style pork ribs

  • Pulled lamb

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