BBQ School

Learn How to BBQ like a Pro

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  • Improve your sex life
  • Be the envy of all your mates
  • Eat better at home than in a restaurant

Full-day BBQ Classes

The Introduction to Barbecue course is a full day class, beginning at 9:00 am and finishing sometime just after 4:00 pm each day.

The pace is quite relentless, we don’t stop for formal breaks like lunch or anything, there is never a time when we are not cooking food.

You get the days tuition, more food than you can eat, email and mobile phone access to me in case you need it, a copy of my BBQ School Cookbook, a digital temperature probe as well as quick reference fact sheets.

BBQ School is a fast paced day of cooking, tasting and jokes, you will never look at your BBQ the same way again. This is not a class teaching how to make pretty little things on sticks and colourful sauces, this is serious, take no prisoners real BBQ! This class will make you a hero in your own backyard.

using a blowtorch to crisp meat

Enjoyable Backyard Barbecues

It is important to think about BBQ School not as learning a set number of recipes, but as an exploration of the techniques and skills that will make your backyard BBQ an enjoyable and productive experience well into the future.

You will learn all the basic techniques as well as more advanced styles like smoking, the science of food treatments and cooking techniques, you will have fun and you will get your hands dirty, you will take home an arsenal of skills and secrets that you can treat your family and guests to the very next day!

backyard bbq school

One Day Tuition

Along with the tuition, all participants get;

  • More food than you can eat
  • email and mobile phone access
  • all the recipes and notes from the class
  • a digital temperature probe
  • quick reference fact sheets

You need to bring;

  • a sense of humour
  • a pad and pen
  • liquid refreshment of your choice
  • one drink for the teacher
  • your appetite

Do Not;

  • eat breakfast
  • plan to go out for dinner

Corporate Team Building

Urban Griller offers a range of Corporate Team Building and Special Interest Group classes in Full Day and Half Day BBQ cooking formats.

mushrooms made out of potato

The half day class is popular with;

  • Men’s Sheds
  • Mining Companies
  • Banks
  • Retail Groups
  • Health Support Groups

Comments from BBQ School students and friends:

Just a quick thank you (from me and my whole family) for the incredible difference your course has made to this festive season for us. We’ve had impressed guests on Christmas day with a lamb, slow cooked beef on Boxing day, and your fantastic cedar plank salmon last night! I’ve BBQ’d stuff every night, and really loving the journey you started me on! Definitely interested in the advanced course.
Steve, Student
Hi Chris My husband Tony did your course and I love what he’s done so far for us!! Thanks so much.
Luisa, Partner
Hi My son-in-law Phil recently attended a Saturday BBQ lesson and now my son wants a voucher for the same for Xmas.
June, Aunty
Thank you so much for offering such a great experience for my husband. He had such a great time and learned so much. I have certainly reaped the benefits.
Candi, Partner
Hi Chris, Thanks for yesterday – had an excellent time and learned a load of new tricks. Definitely like the focus on techniques rather than just recipes . . . I picked up heaps of things that I can use on a regular basis. Last time I went to a cooking class I think I ended up using maybe one recipe as the rest involved equipment I didn’t have or ingredients I couldn’t get! I was just having a look through the cookbook – with that and all those fact sheets I’ve now got a wealth of information to refer to.
Ian, Student