June 2017

Chilli Beef Ribs


I love my chilli, and I love my Beef Ribs, so no surprise then that I like to bring some serious heat and some Asian fusion to my Beef Ribs. This idea came from a dry northern Indian meat curry that was a favourite with hunting parties for its flavour and its ability to [...]

Chilli Beef Ribs2019-06-27T11:43:09+08:00

Vegemite Brisket


We all grew up on Vegemite, it is nation building stuff, it’s one of the first things our parents put in our mouths, probably just to see the reaction, but Aussie baby albums are full of photos of little smiling faces with black goo smeared all over the, the walls and furniture, dog, anything [...]

Vegemite Brisket2018-03-22T09:55:23+08:00

Twice cooked Beef Cheeks


Twice Cooked Braised BBQ Beef Cheeks. Beef cheeks behave quite similar to Beef ribs, a hard-working muscle, chewing almost non-stop from birth! With a slow cook and a bit of BBQ magic, they are a stunning meal! Rub 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp smoked paprika 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper [...]

Twice cooked Beef Cheeks2019-04-28T15:33:19+08:00

May 2017

Carpet Bag Steak


It’s difficult to track down the origin of this brilliant idea, some say American, some say Australian. A popular “luxury” dish from the 1950’s which remained a high end dish until well into the 1990’s. Born in an era when oysters were plentiful and dirt cheap, if you can imagine that, food history says [...]

Carpet Bag Steak2019-05-17T07:02:09+08:00