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September 2018

February 2017

Measuring Pellet consumption in a Pellet Grill


For those of you with Wood Pellet Grills, it’s easy to get a running cost. This is handy information when you are wondering if you have enough pellets to cook what you want. You could also put enough of one type of pellet in to start the cook, then top up with a different flavour [...]

Measuring Pellet consumption in a Pellet Grill2017-02-20T16:04:39+08:00

June 2014

Pork Crackle in a Pellet Grill


I did a little experiment today; I love my Pork Crackle, well who doesn’t? I’ve been playing with a setup in the Kamado for getting the pork belly to crackle up nicely by angling the pork so the rendered fats run off instead of pooling on the skin and making it soggy, so I thought [...]

Pork Crackle in a Pellet Grill2015-07-01T10:56:44+08:00

April 2014

Quick Tip: Cable Clips


Just a Quick Tip this time, I use these little plastic clips from bread bags to keep my Temperature Probe leads neat and tidy! There are also good for sorting the electrical spaghetti behind the telly!

Quick Tip: Cable Clips2017-02-14T12:56:24+08:00