June 2020

PK Grill Low N Slow Fuse Method


For Low N Slow cooking in a PK, the Fuse or "Snake" method works perfectly well. It's easy to setup and runs on temperature automatically! I'm cooking Beef ribs for this demo Start by laying a track of two beads side be side around the end [...]

PK Grill Low N Slow Fuse Method2020-08-12T13:19:34+08:00

PK Grill Hot and Indirect


PK Grill Hot Indirect Cooking The PK is so versatile and easy to run! This is the first of a series of How To articles I'll be doing for the PK For this cook, I'll be doing a basic Pork Belly with Crackle. I've set the PK up as suggested in [...]

PK Grill Hot and Indirect2020-06-12T12:52:27+08:00
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