March 2020

Bung Fritz Homemade Sausage


Bung Fritz Say What?   Well this meaty sausage treat is of South Australian origin. “Bung” is Butcher speak for the casing, made from a Sheep’s appendix, and Fritz, well a nickname for the German Immigrant who first started making it in Adelaide in the 1880s and was known as "Fritz's sausage" up until the [...]

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September 2018

August 2018

Home-made Sriracha Sauce


Home Made Sriracha Sauce You can do this with fresh chillies but I’m using up the leftover pulp from my Smoky Fermented Chilli Sauce. It’s quick and easy, and another recipe you can fiddle with to make your own. 350grams Serrano chillies (substitute red Jalapeños, Cayenne or Fresno), I’m just using the Pulp I [...]

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Smoky Fermented Chilli Sauce


Fermenting your own chilli sauce is dead easy, a bit scary and totally rewarding, with a little effort you can end up with your own signature chilli sauce and you’ll never buy Tabasco or Cholula again! Scary, because it grows really wild looking stuff on the top, Easy because the hardest part is designing [...]

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June 2017

Chilli Beef Ribs


I love my chilli, and I love my Beef Ribs, so no surprise then that I like to bring some serious heat and some Asian fusion to my Beef Ribs. This idea came from a dry northern Indian meat curry that was a favourite with hunting parties for its flavour and its ability to [...]

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