June 2014

Pork Crackle in a Pellet Grill


I did a little experiment today; I love my Pork Crackle, well who doesn’t? I’ve been playing with a setup in the Kamado for getting the pork belly to crackle up nicely by angling the pork so the rendered fats run off instead of pooling on the skin and making it soggy, so I thought [...]

Pork Crackle in a Pellet Grill2015-07-01T10:56:44+08:00

“Prime” Rib Eye Steak


Prime Rib Steak Rib Eye has to be one of the better steak cuts, it has a good marble and soft well flavoured meat, cooking it on the bone yields a crusty but tender steak. You may have never considered cooking it whole, but this method gives a great result and is easier than cooking [...]

“Prime” Rib Eye Steak2014-06-09T19:33:39+08:00

May 2014

Smoke Poached and Grilled Kangaroo


Kangaroo, like Venison is a rich, lean meat and if not treated with care will dry out quickly. This slow cooking technique cooks the Kangaroo twice to ensure it remains moist and tender. In the first step the Kangaroo is slowly “Poached” in a smokey BBQ environment over a number of hours to release the [...]

Smoke Poached and Grilled Kangaroo2014-05-13T12:28:09+08:00

April 2014

Reverse Seared Steak


Reverse Seared Steak This process is a bit counter-intuitive to the way we all learnt to grill steak, but once you understand it, it will likely become your preferred method, like it is mine. The idea is simple, slowly get the internal temperature of the meat up to near the “doneness” you are looking for. [...]

Reverse Seared Steak2014-06-06T07:22:34+08:00

Tom’s Roast Lamb


Actually this looks like it might even be Tom’s Grandmothers Roast Lamb! The Tom, I’m referring to is Tom Kerridge, top English chef with a Gastro Pub fetish, and this is my version of his “Slow-roasted shoulder of Lamb with Boulangere potatoes: from his Proper Pub Food cookbook, which I will review in the coming [...]

Tom’s Roast Lamb2018-05-28T12:04:03+08:00