Urban Griller is located in Bibra Lake in Perth Western Australia.


We Sell Specialty BBQ equipment and ship to the entire country and select overseas locations.

We hold stock of most products. Smaller items are sent express post from Perth. Larger items are usually shipped to the customer from warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. BBQ School Classes and other events are held at our premises in Bibra Lake. The facility is open by appointment for retail sales or if you want to look at equipment. Contact me to make sure I’m available (I could be out on a job, teaching a class or shooting a video).

Our Bibra Lake facility is open by appointment.

Contact me to make sure I’ll be available.

Most days of the week are fine, but sometimes I’m running a BBQ class and can’t be available.


Call: 04 0984 0984

Urban Griller
Unit 4
44 Port Kembla Drive
Bibra Lake
WA 6163