Grills come in two basic forms, Gas and Charcoal fuelled, but it doesn’t end there as a number of BBQs and Smokers will also grill extremely well.

Gas Grills are something we do not sell, there are plenty of them in the “standard” BBQ stores.

Charcoal Grills give a better flavour than gas, but gas will still give a great sear.

We sell Custom Grills for Kettles, Kamados and other Speciality BBQs and Smokers.

One of the best pieces of equipment you can have for grilling is a set of Grill Grates, these intensify the heat to make a fantastic Grill mark on any BBQ, they also stop flare-ups and convert a lot of the heat to Infra Red and this cooks faster. Grill Grates are imported from the US. I tale mine in my suitcase on Holiday! Don’t laugh, with Grill Grates I can get a good steak out of any rubbish BBQ I come across!

Custom Grills


Hi Heat Nomex Gasket Kits are available for Kamados

Refectory Seal is available by the length for Custom Grills and Smokers