In this section we will look at all kinds of ideas in Cooking

It’s going to be a fluid kind of thing as new ideas and styles come up all the time!

This will likely become quite a large resource over time as we explore Ethnic Styles, New Ideas, Science and Traditional Techniques.

Cooking is such a huge topic.

We all have a different experience and different skill levels.

Over the years of BBQ School I’ve met all kinds of people from the clued up to the clueless who have never cooked anything!

What I want to do here is to Inspire you to explore cooking further to Demystify some of the processes and broaden your horizons, to open you up to new ideas and new foods.

Some of this is basic information and ideas to guide you, some of it is here to spark the imagination.

It’s all about providing good, fun food for your family and friends!

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