I always use charcoal in a Kamado, never Briquettes as they leave too much dust and that can choke the fire.

A lot of people find temperature control in a Kamado difficult.

It does take some time to master but it is not difficult.

A Kamado is airtight and that gives you great control over what is happening to the fire.

Always fill a Kamado right up! It is not a kettle!

The fire needs the full charcoal pile to work properly

Once you are finished cooking you can extinguish the fire by shutting the vents and this saves the unused charcoal for next time.

A kamado offers great versatility in its temperature range and in its ability to run a smoky fire or a clean fire.

A kamado can sit happily at 80°C (176°F) or as high as 400°C (752°F) although I would not take a cheaper brand over 300°C (573°F) for fear of the ceramic cracking.  250°C (482°F) will cook a great pizza in 5-5 minutes so no need to get hotter than that.

Download my Kamado user guide for the finer points of temperature control and cooking setups


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