PK Grill Hot Indirect Cooking

The PK is so versatile and easy to run!

This is the first of a series of How To articles I’ll be doing for the PK

For this cook, I’ll be doing a basic Pork Belly with Crackle.

I’ve set the PK up as suggested in the diagram above.

Charcoal on one side with the underneath vent open

Food on the opposite side sitting over a drip pan with the vent directly above open

This setup draws air through the charcoal and across the food before it exits through the lid.


Here you can see the setup.

I’m cooking Pork Belly and I’m chasing a thick crunchy crackle! You can see I’ve set the pork on an angle by resting it on a small cast iron baking dish, I’ve done this so the fats will run off and not pool on the skin.

I have one block of Beech sitting on the grill above the charcoal for a little smoke.


I’m using a reasonable amount of lump charcoal, I don’t expect it all to burn but I want the structure of the pile so it can breathe an burn nicely


20 minutes after I started the charcoal, the PK is sitting at a respectable 209 Celsius!

Nice going considering I didn’t light the whole charcoal load, just a small portion of it

That amount of heat coming over the pork will give an outstanding crackle!


I’m an hour into the cooking now and you can see the pork is starting to crackle up, the smell is amazing!

You can see the path the burn of the charcoal is taking.

My temperature is still rock solid on 209 and I have done nothing.


1.5 hours in and the pork is looking fantastic, the smell is insane and the crackle is on point!

15 minutes more and it’s feast time!


The pork is done!

I’m quite happy with this first cook, the PK performed perfectly!


Here you can see the charcoal consumption.

I closed the vents after the cook and the charcoal went out, leaving me with almost half the original load completely untouched.