7 Hour “Low and Slow” Rack of Rib Eye Steak

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This lesson uses a rib eye rack of beef to illustrate the importance of internal temperature or “Doneness” and how it can be used to guarantee results.

In this recipe the meat is not permitted to rise above 66°C at any stage in the cooking process, the premise being that at temperatures above 66°C (151°F) the juices inside the cells expand to the point that the cell wall breaks, and the juice is dispersed through the meat.

This recipe is cooked over 6-7 hours using only the heat from just a few briquettes at any given time, the idea is to keep the cooking chamber at a low heat: 110-120°C (230-250°F).

Add 10-14 lit briquettes into your favourite BBQ.

Place your meat (rib eye rack of beef) on the grill and brown it with a blowtorch to develop colour and taste through “caramelisation”, otherwise known as the Maillard reaction. 

The Maillard reaction occurs at 150°C (300°F) and with such a low cooking temperature the meat will not brown without the help of a blowtorch.


Close the lid, check the cooking chamber temperature, and come back in ten minutes to see if you need more fuel. Maintain the BBQ temperature at 110°C to 120°C

Monitor the internal temperature of the beef, it is ready to serve at 63°C the meat has been heated evenly and not to the point where the cells rupture, so there is no need to let it rest before serving. 

At this point you could hold the meat at serving temperature in the cooking chamber for another ten hours or so without a perceivable loss of moisture or quality when served; in fact, the connective tissue will only soften further. 

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