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Reverse Sear Steak

This is another time when separating the Cooking phase from the Colouring phase will give you control and an outstanding result.

Steak cooking

In this method we “pre-heat” the steak in an oven, BBQ or Sous Vide to roughly 7°C (12°F) lower than the final cooked temperature we want to serve our guests.

After the steak is pre-heated it is seared on the hottest grill you can organise, this searing process will add 7-8°C (12°F) to the internal temperature.

The easiest way to slowly heat your steak is to distance it from the fire.

This can be as simple as lighting one burner on one side of a gas BBQ and putting the steak as far away from that as you can.

The time spent gently heating could also be used to add some smoke flavour to it.

Cast Iron Grill

This process minimises the cellular damage.

So less resting is needed before service.

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