Project Description

Asian Style Pulled Pork Sliders

The Cucumber Salad gives this dish a real punch!

I had a shoulder of Baby Pork wooing me from its vantage point in the back of the beer fridge for a week, so Sunday morning I got up nice and early and fired up my Kamado, I wound the vents down and let it settle on 95°C (203°F) before putting the Pork in, I was lazy and hadn’t used any rub and I left the skin and fat layer on, a fairly basic cook up, Meat and veg for dinner, just what I needed: by 8:00 am, I was rocking!

Happy with that I went to make Management breakfast as usual.  Management decides she will have a “light” breakfast of Mushroom on Toast because she wants to go and have Japanese for lunch. Well, as it turns out, my idea of lunch is midday, in Management land its 2:30 pm!

And as could be predicted, after a later than late lunch, Management is only interested in a “light” dinner, not the full Meat and 4 veg routine I’m geared up for!  After some negotiation, I get tentative approval for “Pork in a Bun”.

My mind is still in the Asian mood from the fantastic Japanese we had for lunch, so an experiment was in order…Pulled Pork Bun with an Asian twist!

I raided the larder for ingredients, the Hoi Sin I thought I had was not there so a compromise was called for, finally I mixed a little Sesame Oil, Taka Tala (an African BBQ Sauce style Chutney), Sweet Soy and the Cantonese BBQ Marinade together to make an Asian BBQ Sauce.

I peeled long strips from a cucumber and sprinkled over a Sushi Seasoning mix I had bought in the supermarket (Bonito powder, sesame seeds and seaweed strips).

Eleven hours from the beginning, I’m ready to serve Asian inspired Pulled Pork Bun!

The pictures tell the rest of the story except the part where Management after finishing hers, holds out her plate for a second one and wants to know what the sauce was (Management is not the world’s biggest fan of US style BBQ Sauce).

Management suggested that I could make the Asian inspired Pork Bun part of the permanent Slow Sunday menu at Chez UG!

I’ve got to admit, it was real good and I will be doing it again!

pukllked pork
pulled pork slider