Project Description

Bung Fritz

Say What?   Well this meaty sausage treat is of South Australian origin. “Bung” is Butcher speak for the casing, made from a Sheep’s appendix, and Fritz, well a nickname for the German Immigrant who first started making it in Adelaide in the 1880s and was known as “Fritz’s sausage” up until the 1920s.

Bung Fritz is a quite healthy and easy to make, Deli Sausage. Served cold and a favourite sandwich ingredient in playgrounds everywhere there is even a South Australian Bung Fritz Appreciation Society.

The finer you can grind the meat, the closer the final texture comes to Bologna, I prefer it not quite so fine, so mine has some texture and is more like what I grew up with as “Strasbourg” or German Sausage which is similar to but larger and finer than “Polish Sausage”.

Download the PDF for the fact-sheet on how to make your own

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