Project Description

(Famous Chicken Rice)

This is a dish we touch on in BBQ School, those of you who have been to BBQ School will know what I mean.

This is an easy Stovetop Cook and a great Healthy meal, deeply satisfying and comforting.

Hainanese Chicken


1 x Small Chicken (2-3 adults) Cut into nine pieces

Large pot of water

Kecup Manus (Sweet caramelised soy sauce) or Hoi Sin

Knob of Ginger sliced

Coriander roughly chopped

Onion roughly chopped

Chillies (optional)

Veg Scraps or peelings


Boc Choy

Hainanese Chicken

Add all the flavour ingredients to the pot of water and bring to a low simmer, there are no quantities here, you are just making a good flavourful stock.

The Kecup Manis will bring lots of flavour, the more you use the sweeter the stock, I use roughly 100-150ml

Hainanese Chicken

Cut your chicken into 9 pieces

Cook the rice by your preferred method

I add a Tablespoon of Dry Shredded Coconut for a lovely aromatic taste

Hainanese Chicken

After the stock has been simmering for a while, drain nit and transfer to a high sided pan with a good lid.

Add the chicken pieces and keep on a low simmer for 5 minutes, then cover and turn off the heat

Allow the chicken pieces to steep in the hot stock until they reach 70°C (158°F)

Hainanese Chicken

Drop the Boc Choy into the hot stock so it just wilts.

Hainanese Chicken

Serve the chicken with a good spoon of rice and the wilted Boc Choy

Hainanese Chicken

I always have Soy Sauce and “Happy Lady Sauce” as condiments

Happy Lady Sauce is available at any Asian Supermarket, there are different kinds, I use the one which says "Chilli in Oil" you can see the whole peanuts in it through the jar

Google "Happy Lady Sauce" if you are bored, her story is a great read!

On a winters day a good bowl of plain laksa is a great accompaniment.

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