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Mini Rack of Lamb

The mini rack of lamb recipe employs a number of techniques to ensure a succulent result each time.

First, the lamb has been brined using the ratio of one tablespoon of salt and 1 litre of water and the brine contains garlic and rosemary.  This recipe is best cooked with the flat plate removed from the BBQ.

Here we are separating the colouring of the meat from the cooking, and that gives us control!

The racks of lamb are cooked on one side of the barbecue until an attractive serving colour is obtained, then they are moved to the middle of the barbecue, the outside burners are left on and the centre burners are turned off, this allows the lamb to finish cooking without risk of burning or flare-ups.

The lamb is then cooked to temperature, in this case 65°C (149°F), with the hood down. 

Any remaining rosemary can be placed onto the external burners to create a rosemary smoke inside the barbecue.


Once the racks of lamb have reached 65°C the lamb is removed from the barbecue and allowed to rest for 10 minutes before serving. 

This process of allowing the lamb to rest will ensure an even moist texture and eliminate any tendency for the inside of the rack of lamb to look pink or rare.

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