Project Description

Tasty, Quick and a family favourite.

San Choi Bao is easy to make and a great fun meal that everyone will enjoy!


Pork, Chicken or Lamb Mince

Spring Onion



Chilli (optional)

Can of Water Chestnuts

Beansprouts (optional)

Hoisin Sauce ½ cup

Soy Sauce, 2 Tablespoons


Break the Lettuce down into “cups”

San Choi Bau

Fry the mince till it gets some colour

San Choi Bau

Add the chopped vegetables and stir fry with the mince

San Choi Bau
San Choi Bau

Cook together for a bit then the Hoisin and Soy.

San Choi Bau

Add the Spring Onions and Beansprouts just before serving to keep them crunchy

Each person takes a Lettuce Cup and fills it with a couple of spoons of the San Choi Bau Mix, then rolls the leaf up to contain the filling.

This is a messy dish, if the juice is not running down your arms, you are not doing it right!