Smoked Mussels

An easy Entrée or Appetiser that can be tailored to your guests taste

1 kg frozen mussels on the half shell

Pizza tray

Pool salt

Wood sawdust or pellets for smoking

Weber Kettle with a medium indirect fire


Remove the mussel from its shell and place it back, this makes it easier for your guests.

Spread a couple of handfuls of pool salt on the pizza tray, cover with mussels, lying on their sides.

Because the mussels are cooked and already open, they will have lost a lot of their juice so I always make a baste to use with them.

Mix two tablespoons of fish sauce with 150 millilitres of water.  Pour a teaspoon of the baste mixture over each of the mussels so they sit in a bath of the mixture in their shells.

Drop a small handful of the wood sawdust on to the fire on in the kettle BBQ.  Place the pizza tray on the cooking grill and replace the lid, close the vent on the lid halfway.

In a couple of minutes you will see smoke coming out of the vent and fifteen minutes later they will be smoked and ready to eat. 

Take them out, replace the smoking wood, place another tray of mussels in and close the lid.

If you really want to get adventurous, try doing this with oysters; maybe sprinkle a little bit of bacon over the top.

Or you could do small cubes of salmon set in small dipping bowls with a sweet chilli sauce mixed with some water and fish sauce.