Smoked Butter

There is a little effort in making Smoked Butter but it is so worth it!

A fantastic condiment for steak!

You need good cream to start. High fat content is what you are looking for, avoid the “Thickened” creams, they have gelatine in them! The only ingredient should be cream!

First I cold Smoke the cream in my Weber Kettle for two hours.

Start with the cream as cold as you can get it.  I put it in a shallow tray to increase the surface area.  I’ve also added some herb to infuse the cream

I’m using some wood pellets in a smoke tube to make the smoke.

After smoking you will see the “skin” of smoked cream

You can use a food processor or mixer with a whisk to beat the cream

Keep beating the cream till the fats come together and the buttermilk separates out.

Keep the Buttermilk to brine some chicken, or use it to make pancakes!

Pour off the buttermilk

“Wash” the butter in clean super cold water.

Kneed the butter underwater to squeeze out all the buttermilk.

Any buttermilk left in the mix will turn the butter rancid.

I add a little salt to help preserve the butter as I’m forming it into logs

I use a sushi mat to help make logs

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