A simple but refreshing Coleslaw. Goes particularly well with Grilled Lamb Chops or Smoked Lamb ribs.

Snap Peas



Whole Egg Mayonnaise

Sugar (to taste)

Ground White Pepper (to taste)

Snap Pea Coleslaw is dead easy and is really refreshing, there is a trick to making it, and it’s about how you remove the strings from the peas.

I don’t know why this works, but it definitely does not work if you start in the wrong place.

You need to start at the bottom of the pea, with the curve facing away from you, make a small cut almost all the way through the tip.

Snap Pea
First Cut

Peel the string down, turn the pea over, make another cut at the top and peel the string off the other side. If you do this right both ends and the strings from both sides will come off in one piece.

other side
other side
pea string
Trim peas

Now that you’ve peeled your peas, chop them.

Slice or chop the Cabbage.

Chop the mint

Add the mint, pepper and sugar to the mayonnaise and blend. Add the peas and cabbage, stir it over a couple of times to combine and you are done!


pea Slaw