Project Description

We all grew up on Vegemite, it is nation building stuff, it’s one of the first things our parents put in our mouths, probably just to see the reaction, but Aussie baby albums are full of photos of little smiling faces with black goo smeared all over the, the walls and furniture, dog, anything in range really!

There are some rules that come with Vegemite, as Australians, these rules are all part of the Vegemite experience! We learn the proper way to have Vegemite on toast, it’s an art, you have to cut the slabs of butter to just the right thickness!

Vegemite Brisket

We learn to make Vegemite worms by pressing the dry biscuit (cracker) sandwich together with just the right amount of force; this greatly improves the taste of your primary school “play lunch”!


And most important of all we learn that you must leave a little of the butter in the Vegemite, and a little of the Vegemite in the butter. Mothers pretend to scream in complaint but in reality it is an important way for them to track the family’s vitamin intake.

No Rocket Science here, forget using rubs, just slather Vegemite on the brisket, squidge it in with your hands till it’s slippery and evil looking. Then smoke it off just like normal! This one went 12 hours at 110C (225F).

Vegemite BrisketVegemite BrisketVegemite Brisket