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Burger Smasher, Fish Weight, Hotteok Press


Chef Tools Professional Burger Press

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Most of the Burger smashers you see are in my opinion, are too light and require pressure supplied by the user, this makes them tiring to use and unsuitable for any other purpose.

Chef Tools have redesigned the basic Burger Smasher to be heavier at 1.3kg so leaning on it to press the burger edges is not necessary.

A wide, easy to hold hollow handle makes it easy to manipulate.

The Drop-on Weight is 1.25kg so if you need serious extra weight you can bring bit up to a total of 2.55kg

The base is perfect for so many other jobs, it is a great Hotteok Press or Bacon Press.

The Drop on weight is perfect as Fish Weight

Burger press

Burger Smasher Base: 1.3kg  150mm round and 155mm high

Drop-on “doughnut” weight: 1.25kg  150mm Round x 10mm

Burger press
Burger press2

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm
Burger Press

Burger Press, Burger Press and Weight Ring, Weight Ring


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