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Easy to set up, simple to use: the FireBoard helps you cook smarter, not harder.

Fireboard 2

Large multi-view graphing LCD screen capable of showing data from up to six probes at once. Weather resistant case. Auxiliary port. Six probe channels.

Product Features:

  • 6 available channels for external Temperature Probes,
  • LCD Display,
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE),
  • FireBoard Cloud Service,
  • Internal Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Included in box:

  • FireBoard FBX2 Thermometer,
  • USB-C PD Charger,
  • Ambient Probe,
  • 2 Food Probes,
  • Grill Clip,
  • Quick Start Guide.

This model requires a Drive Cable to run a Fan

FireBoard 2 DRIVE

FireBoard 2 Drive integrates Drive technology for a seamless approach to controlling your fire.

Easy to setup and install on your wireless network, the FireBoard® pushes realtime temperature updates via the cloud to apps for iPhone, Android, and the Web.

The FireBoard® supports up to 6 external temperature probes which provide accurate and reliable temperature monitoring in many different environments and applications.

You do not need the Drive Fan Cable to operate a fan with the FireBoard 2 Drive. FireBoard Blower sold separately.

Product Features:

  • 6 available channels for external Temperature Probes,
  • LCD Display,
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE),
  • FireBoard Cloud Service,
  • Internal Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Included in box:

  • FireBoard FBX2D Thermometer,
  • USB-C PD Charger*,
  • Thermistor Ambient Probe,
  • 2 Thermistor Food Probes,
  • Grill Clip, Quick Start Guide.

Device Size and Weight: 4.4″W x 2.8″H x 1.1″D, 8oz.

FireBoard® comes standard with a 1 year warranty


FireBoard 2 Pro

All the features of the FireBoard 2 and FireBoard 2 Drive but has 3 ports to use professional Type K Thermocouples.

Measure fast and accurate across a wide temperature range.

FireBoard 2 Pro also includes integrated Drive technology.

Included in box:

FireBoard FBX2K Thermometer, USB-C PD Charger, Ambient Thermocouple Probe, 2 Food Thermocouple Probes, Grill Clip, Quick Start Guide.

FireBoard Blower sold separately.

Drive cable not required.

Uses Thermocouple Probes only.

FireBoard 20cfm Blower Fan

FireBoard’s new fan design allows easy mounting/switching of adapters.

Variable Speed 20 CFM Blower used with FireBoard Drive to maintain precise temperature control.

Powerful blower that can be installed on many smokers using included adapter plates. Built-in sliding damper to fine tune airflow.


  •     Variable Speed, powered by FireBoard’s internal battery **
  •     Power source: 12 VDC, 0.68A, 8W (not included)
  •     Cable length: 4.5 ft (1.4 m).
  •     Power connector: 2.5 mm barrel plug
  •     Blower maximum flow rating: 20 CFM
  •     Blower opening: 1.2 x 1.6″ (30 x 40 mm).
  •     Flange outer dimension: 1.95 x 2.45″ (49 x 62 mm).
  •     Flange mounting hole distance: 1.32 x 2.05″ 34 x 52 mm, hole size, 3 mm in diameter.

Note: Blower does NOT include Drive Fan Control Cable, which is needed to use a fan with the FireBoard 2 or FBX11. FireBoard 2 Drive/Pro models will power fan directly, no Drive Fan Control Cable necessary.

FireBoard Blower Compatibility

This table is to help you determine if the FireBoard Blower, either with an adapter plate (included with the Drive Blower) or separate adapter (sold separately), is compatible with your style of cooker. There are so many styles of cookers on the market that it is impossible for us to have a comprehensive list.

The best way to determine compatibility is to measure the vent on your cooker and compare it to the adapter plate or adapter specifications.

Cooker FireBoard Blower Compatible?
Primo Kamado Yes
Med & Large BGE Yes
Kamado Joe Yes (some versions will require adapter plate modification)
Weber Kettle Yes (nozzle adapter)
Weber Smokey Mountain Yes (nozzle adapter)
UDS Yes (ball valve adapter)
PK360 Yes – use rails to mount inside grommet

FireBoard Blower Nozzle Adaptor

The Blower Nozzle Adapter allows easy installation of the FireBoard Drive Blower on kettle style grills and smokers.

The square nozzle rotates and can redirect airflow in any direction perpendicular to the fan.

This is particularly useful in situations where a custom hole is drilled in the side of a grill in order to install a fan to control the fire.

Included gasket insert allows users to seal vent between uses.

Comes with square nozzle, adapter face with built-in gaskets and insert, and screw for installation.


  • Outer Adapter Plate with Gasket Dimensions: 2.75” x 2.75” (69.85mm x 69.85mm)
  • Dimensions of the opening of the Adapter Plate with Gasket: 1.6” x 1.2” (40.64mm x 30.48mm)
  • Nozzle Opening Dimensions: 1.43” x 0.78” (36.32mm x 19.81mm)
  • Silicone Gasket Temperature Range: -100F to 500F

FireBoard Blower Ball Valve Adaptor

Use the Ball Valve Adapter to install the FireBoard Drive Blower to your cooker.

Many popular drum smokers and cabinet smokers have ball valve fittings already installed, allowing easy fan installation with this adapter.

Using commonly found thread reducers or enlargers, this adapter can be mounted to almost any standard pipe threading.

To install, use the sliding rails on the Drive Blower to fit through the slots on this adapter and tighten the thumb screws.

Adapter threading and dimensions:

1″ NPT thread type

2.5″W  x 2″L x 1.5″H

FireBoard Magnetic Base

Built-in magnets allow this FireBoard 2 series Base to mount on most metal surfaces. A non-slip bottom also lets the base firmly rest on a flat surface. The base provides easy screen viewing and port access. Compatible with the FBX2, FBX2D, and FBX2K.

To avoid heat damage, base should not be attached to grill lid or body.


  • 4.88 inches wide x 2.125 inches tall x 3 inches deep
  • Material: ABS plastic / silicone
  • Maximum temperature: 150 °F

Extreme Probe Pack

For customers who would like to have a full complement of probes, the Extreme Probe Pack + standard FireBoard kit provides the ability to monitor up to 6 channels of food temperatures. All probes can be mixed and matched and used together. Priced to include a free probe compared to purchasing individually.

All 100K Thermistor probes.

4x SF311T – Food Probe (specifications and product detail here)

1x SANT311T – Ambient Probe (specifications and product detail here)

1x GC311 – Grill Clip (specifications and product detail here)

Competition Thermister Probe Pack

Competition Series probes are the perfect choice to get precise readings in smaller cuts of meat or where space is limited. This 6 pack features four (4) SF675T and two (2) SF628T competition probes, giving you a variety of options to use with your FireBoard

SF675T: Probe type: 100K Thermistor. Probe Temperature Range: 0 to 572°F (-18 to 300°C). Specifications: 6 ft. cable, 75mm (~3″) long probe, 1.8mm (1/16″) diameter.

SF628T: Probe type: 100K Thermistor. Probe Temperature Range: 0 to 572°F (-18 to 300°C). Specifications: 6 ft. cable, 28mm (~1″) long probe, 1.8mm (1/16″) diameter.

Only available as thermistor – check your FireBoard’s compatibility

FireBoard Drive Fan Control Cable

Take control of your fire with the FireBoard Drive Fan Control Cable. Plug in the Fan Control Cable and give your existing FireBoard or FireBoard 2 (sold separately) the ability to maintain the temperature of your wood or charcoal fueled smoker.  Controlled through the iOS or Android app, set your desired smoker temperature or override and manually control the fan yourself.

Includes 12V Power Adapter*

More info:

  • Uses standard FireBoard Auxiliary port
  • Bring your own fan! Drives most 12V fans with 2.5mm barrel plug 
  • Powered by internal FireBoard battery
  • Efficiently drives fans from 0-100% power
  • Connect external power source for larger fans
  • Charge your FireBoard using the included 12V power adapter
  • OPTIONAL: Speaker version available for audible alert for alarms
  • Control Cable does NOT come with FireBoard Thermometer or Blower
  • This cable is NOT required for fan use with the FireBoard 2 Drive or FireBoard 2 Pro.

FireBoard 10,000 mAh battery pack.

Extend your battery life by using this 10,000 mAh battery pack.

Rechargeable via USB-C/Micro USB. USB Power Delivery enabled, which allows higher voltage output to FireBoard2 devices.

The battery pack will keep the battery charged (or recharge the battery) while simultaneously providing power to support fan Drive.

FireBoard 2, FireBoard 2 Drive, FireBoard 2 Pro – supports 100% fan speed via USB-C.

FireBoard (Gen 1) – support approx. 40%-50% fan speed via Micro USB.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm

Fireboard 2, Fireboard 2 Drive, Fireboard 2 Pro, 20 CFM Blower Fan, Ball Valve Adaptor, Drive Blower Nozzle Adaptor, Magnetic Base, Drive Cable, Spare Probe Pit Clip, Competition Probe Pack


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