Model Number: TPD001

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The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower is made for Off Set and Reverse Flow smokers and Large Charcoal Grills.

The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower provides a consistent airflow to the smoker, which gives you a cleaner burn and better tasting BBQ.

The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower features a Manual mode with a variable speed fan or it can automatically control your smokers temperature to a temperature set point.

The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower has an on board re-chargeable 12volt battery with a run time over 17 hours on a single charge.

The BBQ Blower has a one-year warranty.

Automatic Temperature Control and Wireless Temperature controller makes for stress-free, All Night Long BBQ’ing, with Consistent Airflow that Cooks Your Meat Evenly

  • The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower controls your BBQ temperature, and spreads the heat out evenly through the cooking chamber, as well as getting rid of excess CO2, turning an unevenly cooked and flavored piece of meat into a delectable and flavorful feast for your guests
  • The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower provides a much cleaner burn by getting rid of excess CO2, this means you can use less wood, and your food ends up tasting better with less bitter smoke.
  • The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower can be set up manually with a variable speed fan, or it can use the included temperature probe for an automatic Stress Free temperature control.
  • The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower is easy to install with an adjustable hook and magnets and includes a universal adapter to connect to almost any smoker.
  • The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower has an on-board rechargeable 12 volt battery that will keep it running for over 17 hours. You can also charge while cooking!


“The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower” is a unique invention that Controls Your Airflow and enhances the taste of the food that you are cooking on a barbecue smoker. It reduces over-smoking of your meat, which promotes healthier eating.


  • Built In Automatic or Manual Temperature Controller With a 6ft Stainless Steel Probe included
  • Automatically Control Your Airflow using a 12 Volt 120mm Variable Speed Fan which provides, 100 cfm of Airflow
  • Samsung 12V 2Amp Rechargeable Li-ion Battery. 3 hours to fully charge the batteries with a 17 hour battery life, a 2 Amp charger is provided
  • Easily connects to your Firebox using Round Nickel Plated High Temperature Neodymium Magnets and a 2 inch Safety Hook Adapter


  • The Blower Creates Clean Heated Airflow that Reduces Excessive Smoke on your Meat
  • Constructed from stainless and carbon steel an Durable ABS Plastic
  • The Blower also assists in lighting your BBQ Pit Fire


  • It creates a positive flow of heated air across the cooking area.
  • When the air is introduced into the firebox, it creates an excess of O2 in the firebox, which creates a cleaner burn and better tasting food that you are cooking.
  • Without The Perfect Draft, you have an excess of CO2, which gives you excessive bitter smoke on your meat, while cooking, which takes away from the taste of the wood you’re smoking with.

The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower 2.0″ features a newly designed Circuit Board, a new 8 foot braided Temperature and a Universal Rust Proof Adapter.

Voted Best New Tool/Accessory at the 2018 NBBQA Awards Finals in Fort Worth Texas


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