Mikes Vertical Grill

If food is grilled in a vertical position with two veins of charcoal on either side of the food, the fat drips past the coals into the water pan to the bottom of the grill, this allows for an easy clean up, and more importantly, it virtually eliminates flare ups and the bitter smoke from burning fat while cooking the food in half the time!

Food grills in half the time or less of a conventional grill!

Meats are seared on both sides simultaneously, allowing juices to be retained in the meats while the fat drips down into the water pan!

There’s rarely any smoke!

Brings out the delicious Flavour of the food like no other grill!

It’s portable yet extremely productive. Small, compact size easy to take wherever you go. Will grill twice as much food compared to grills its size!

And, of course, virtually no flare ups!

Plus, while you are grilling vertically on Mike’s Vertical Grill, you can also utilise the top of the unit as a traditional grill which gives you more than double the cooking area of a traditional grill.

Virtually eliminates Flare-ups & Smoke

Food Cooked on Both Sides Simultaneously – Takes Half the Time of Conventional Grills

Eliminates bitter Fat smoke and Brings Out Delicious Flavour of the Food Like No Other Grill

Perfect for Burgers, Hot Dogs, Steaks, Chicken & Fish

Standard Grill Surface Perfect for Veggies & Toasting Buns

Portable & Easy to Use

Hanging grill can be used either way up

The secret to this amazing cooking device is its vertical heating element. Food is placed in a custom grilling basket, which hangs between two charcoal heating columns. This enables your food to be cooked on both sides simultaneously and in half the time of conventional grilling.

As your food cooks, any grease drippings fall into a water basin at the bottom of the grill – virtually eliminating “flare-ups” and excess smoke altogether! Mike’s Vertical Grill also has a standard grilling surface at the top, which is ideal for cooking mixed vegetables, corn on the cob, and even toasting buns!

Not only is this a great grill for cooking hamburgers and hot dogs, but it’s great for cooking some foods that most people have difficulty cooking on a conventional grill – such as fish, steak, and chicken!

Best of all – Mike’s Vertical Grill is extremely compact – making it the weapon of choice for a Small balcony, outdoor events, beach picnics, or backyard.