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Charcoal (Lump)


Charcoal is Pickup in Store ONLY


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WA Mallee Charcoal is currently out of production while the maker moves his equipment and rebuilds it on a new property.

WA Mallee does have available an Acacia charcoal imported from Africa.  This is very similar top the Mallee in taste and burn. The Acacia is the preferred charcoal for Charcoal Chicken Restaurants.

Big Green Egg Charcoal

The BGE Charcoal is imported from the US and is a blend of Oak and Hickory

This charcoal is less dense and will come to temperature fast and is more responsive to vent changes.

9kg $55

Charcoal Kings

Charcoal Kings 20kg bags of Hardwood Lump  $65

12kg Coffee (Arabica) Lump Charcoal  $47.50

10KG Compressed Charcoal briquette logs  $37


3kg  $48

♣  Indicates Average Weight

Charcoal is Pick-up Only, No Deliveries

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 60 × 36 × 25 cm

WA Mallee, Acacia Charcoal, Big Green Egg Charcoal, Charcoal Kings 20kg, Charcoal Kings 12kg, Charcoal Kings Briquette, Binchotan, Charcoal Logs

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