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For Perfect Grill marks and Perfect Cooking

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Better Grilling by Design

GrillGrates are custom cut to fit your BBQ, Grill or Smoker

GrillGrates are unique in the way they convert the convective heat to infra-red radiant heat and concentrate it on the food to create a restaurant quality grill mark on your food.

Simply install the GrillGrates in place of (or on top of) your existing Stainless Steel Grill, bring the BBQ up to temperature and you are ready to Grill!

The first thing you will notice is there is no need to run the BBQ at blistering temperatures, you can achieve a fantastic grill with a much lower temperature thanks to the unique way the GrillGrates work! And that means Healthier cooking!

GrillGrates are the most versatile thing you can do to your BBQ, Grill or Smoker

Using and Caring for Hard Anodized GrillGrates

Hard Anodized GrillGrates can tolerate high grill heat up to temperatures of 426°C (800°F), and can be easily cleaned using a traditional grill brush.

Hard anodizing creates an ultra-hard and dense surface layer that cannot be scratched or chipped off. This hardness prevents food and grilling debris from sticking.

Clean your Grill Grates by scrubbing with a Brass bristle brush.

USING HardAnodized GrillGrates on Your Grill

  • Preheat your Grill with the GrillGrates in place
  • Make sure the GrillGrates are interlocked.

Tip: Place GrillGrates on charcoal grills after the coals have burned down.

Grill Grates

Initial Use:

The first time or two you grill with GrillGrates use a little canola oil spray on the cooking rails. After the initial seasoning, discontinue use of any spray or oil as continuous use can cause a build-up of sticky residue. GrillGrates will season quickly and the non-stick surface develops naturally.

Clean the Raised Rails using a Grill Pad or Brush. Less is more. The raised rails easily wipe clean during warm-up or when brushed hot with a bit of water sprayed on the grill. TIP: break-in the hard anodized GrillGrates by cleaning them as little as possible when they are new. Avoid cleaning in the sink in the beginning, as you want to encourage the seasoning process like a cast iron skillet or camp oven.

Allow the side of rails and valleys to blacken for maximum seasoning and minimum cleaning. Just keep debris out of the valleys and wipe down the raised rails during warm-up.

Hard Anodized GrillGrates can also be cleaned in the sink if you choose. Sink cleaning is optional, but effective, especially after marinades and sauces have burned and collected in the valleys, or after the GrillGrates have seen months of continuous use! Soak GrillGrates in the sink or washtub with regular dish soap. Use a sponge or scourer pad on the raised rails, which will come clean with little effort. All other surfaces will blacken and become part of the seasoning so sink cleaning should be done only occasionally to preserve the seasoning and non-stick.

Do not use oven cleaner, or other caustic cleaners, or put GrillGrates in the dishwasher.

Perfect for Seafood and Veggies as well!

Grill Grates

Perfect Steak Every Time!

If you are using a thin “Supermarket” Steak heat your your Grill to 200°C.

Flip (and Turn) your steaks every 2 minutes.

For Well Done Flip 3 times and remove after 8 minutes, you will have cross hatch grill marks on both sides.

For Medium, Flip twice and remove after 6 minutes, you will have cross hatches on one side only.

For Rare, Flip only once and remove after 4 minutes.


GrillGrate  Set  for  Weber  Go-Anywhere™  (3  Panels  &  GrateTool)

Fits  Weber  Go-Anywhere™  Grills

10”  x  15.4”  25.5cm  x  39cm


GrillGrate  Set  for  Weber  22.5″  Kettle  (3  Panels  &  GrateTool)

Fits  22.5″  Kettle  Grills

20”  x  15.4”  51cm  x  39cm


GrillGrate  14.5″  Kamado  &  Kettle  Set  (2  Panels  &  GrateTool)

Fits  BGE  MX  &  S,  Weber  Smokey  Joe®,  14.5″/26.8  diameter  grills

13.75”  x  15.4”  35cm  x  39cm


GrillGrate  18″  Kamado  &  Kettle  Set  (3  Panels  &  GrateTool)

Fits  BGE  L,  KJ  Classic  and  other  18″  /  14.7cm  diameter  grills

13.75”  x  13”    34.9cm  x  33cm


GrillGrate  24″  Kamado  &  Kettle  Set  (4  Panels  &  GrateTool)

Fits  BGE  XL,  KJ  Big  Joe  and  other  24″  /  60.9cm  diameter  grills

20”  x  20.5”  51cm  x  52.1cm


GrillGrate  12″  Pellet  &  Gas  Grill  Set  (2  Panels  &  GrateTool)

Fits  GMG  DC and small tailgater grills

12”  x  10.5″  30.5cm  x  26.7cm


GrillGrate  16.25″  Pellet  &  Gas  Grill  Set  (3  Panels  &  GrateTool)

Fits  GMG  JB/DB,HARK  TPP/Chubby, other  pellet,  offset  &  gas  grills

16.25”x  15.4”  41.3cm  x  39.1cm


GrillGrate  18.5″  Pellet  &  Gas  Grill  Set  (3  Panels  &  GrateTool)

Fits  Traeger  Pro, many  gas  grills  &  offset  smokers

18.5”x  15.4”  47cm  x  39.1cm

RGG  –  Scraper       

GrillGrate  Detailing  Tool+  Scraper

Perfect  for  cleaning  and  detailing  your  GrillGrates  set

11″  Wood  Handle,

2″  SS  Scraper

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 15 × 10 cm

RWEB2GO, RWEB22.5, RWEBER14.5, RBGEL, RBGEXL2.0, RGG12K-0002, RGG16.25K-0003, RGG18.5K-0003, RGG-Scraper


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