Asmoke AS300

I’ve had an Asmoke AS300 portable Wood Pellet smoker/BBQ for a bit over a month now.

I really like it. it’s a great convenient size, versatile and it is so simple to run.

Lately I’ve been using mine as an Air Fryer!

The AS300 works well for Low N Slow and can ramp up to over 240°C in minutes, that’s perfect for Reverse Sear or Pizza!

The cost of freighting them to WA one by one or a couple at a time is considerable so I’ve organised a group buy at a discounted price.

The AS300 is RRP $499.99 but I have organised a bulk buy for $379 pickup from me. That’s a huge saving!…And no Freight cost!

Asmoke also have an Apple pellet which I’ve been using in mine, a great pellet and the AS300 uses them sparingly. I’ve organised these on a group buy as well for $34.49 per 20lb (9kg) bag.

The group buy works like this:

The links will take you to the Asmoke website, add the items to your cart and select “Pickup”, write URBANGRILLER in the notes and the transaction will be part of the bulk buy.

Once we have enough orders to ship the pallet it will be sent to me and I will contact you to come and collect.

For the Asmoke AS300 Starter pack deal


Click the Buttons

Asmoke 100% Apple Pellets $34.49 per 20lb (9kg) bag

Here are a couple of photos of me making Pizza Last Week!

There is an Australian Asmoke users Facebook page here: