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Handmade Texas Offset Smokers – Lone Star


A real backyard workhorse, the Lone Star pit is all you need to enter the world of real Texas BBQ.  A rock solid workhorse, this pit can do it all, Low ‘n Slow smokey BBQ or high temperature wood fire searing! Built solid to last, the Lone Star is real statement, the signature dual chimneys make this pit stand out, easy to control and easy to work with this is a great all-rounder pit!

More than a BBQ: A Work of Art

Urban Griller’s Handmade Texas Offset BBQ Pits are handmade and fabricated in Melbourne Australia, built to order from the standard model to your personal design or modifications. The smoker pits are built with 6 mm solid new plate steel which is rolled and welded, with meticulous detail.



Lone Star BBQ Pit



  • 6mm steel construction, Total Weight around 130 -150 kg
  • Overall length – 1400mm
  • Main cooking chamber 900 x 500mm
  • Fire Box chamber – 500 x 500mm
  • 3 Cooking racks 2 in the main chamber and one in the offset fire box
  • Charcoal grills in each chamber
  • 500mm diameter, 6mm steel Firebox with double insulated overlap sealing door
  • Large “peephole” sliding firebox vent
  • Lift up Firebox door to allow for easy access to cooking grill
  • Side Access Firebox door to allow for easy cleaning of firebox and access to the fire
  • Polished timber storage deck
  • 4 heavy duty castors (two locking) on trolley base
  • Slide away adjustable chimney damper caps with stainless steel chimney cap ferrules
  • Dual Chimneys for a clean efficient draw
  • Huge 500 x 900mm cooking chamber with full width shaped overlap sealing door
  • Full width internal drip protection lip on cooking chamber and firebox doors
  • Large 75mm (3inch) Pit temperature and firebox temperature gauges
  • Drop down front prep shelf
  • Stainless Steel “Cool Touch” handles on firebox and cooking chamber doors
  • Counterbalance on cooking chamber door to reduce “lifting weight”
  • 1200°F/650°C heat resistant Satin Black fire paint

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We take a 10% deposit before work begins; the balance is due before pick up.
Transport of the finished BBQ Pit is the responsibility of the buyer. Most customers use a domestic removalist; the Pits travel the same as an Upright Piano except that they are half the weight.



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