BBQ Temperature Gauge 3″ calibratable and highly accurate C&F


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Forge BBQ Temperature Gauge 3″



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Includes Backing Nut for mounting.


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Forge BBQ Temperature Gauge 3″

$35 plus $11 Express post

Includes Backing Nut for mounting.

  • The Forge BBQ Temperature Gauge measures temperature in both Fahrenheit (°F) & Celsius (°C) units, from 50 to 550°F and 0 to 300°C.
  • Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel construction.
  • Tough glass lens.
  • 3″ (75mm) Dial with coloured cooking zones (Smoke = Gray, BBQ = Orange, Grill = Red) and 2.5″ (65mm) stem. Standard 2.5” (L) x ¼” (ɸ) . ½” NPT thread.
  • Reset screw (Re-calibration adjustment screw).
  • Accuracy +/- 1.5%
  • For BBQs, Ovens, Smoker Pits or Large BBQ Grill.

Fits Hark ProPit and Chubby, Flaming Coals Texas Offset and Wildfire Longhorn.

Forge 3inch Gauge

Forge BBQ Gauge

Forge BBQ Gauge backing Nut

Also Available in 3.5″ Long Stem with Flaming Knife Logo

Custom printed Logo gauges are available in different lengths for Pit Builders, Email me to order.

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2.5" stem One Gauge, 2.5" stem Two Gauges, 2.5" stem Three Gauges, 2.5" stem Four Gauges, 3.5" stem One Gauge, 3.5" stem Two Gauges, 3.5" stem Three Gauges, 3.5" stem Four Gauges


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