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Smoked Butter

Smoked Butter There is a little effort in making Smoked Butter but it is so worth it! A fantastic condiment for steak! You need good cream to start. High fat content is what you are looking for, avoid the "Thickened" creams, they have gelatine in them! The only ingredient should be [...]


The Mysteries of Charcoal

The Mysteries of Charcoal Lump Charcoal is carbonised wood, it’s made by super-heating wood and driving the moisture out. The actual carbon content of charcoal varies with the manufacturing process and the wood used. Lump charcoal is typically 65-75% carbon, High-end charcoal like Japanese Binchotan can be as high as 95% carbon. [...]


Big Green Egg Dwelling Technique

Prime Rib the Big Green Egg Kamado Dwelling Method Dwelling is an advanced Big Green Egg (Kamado) cooking technique, not difficult, it just requires a little thinking, and planning.  It is a great technique to have in your repertoire! In this technique you allow an extremely hot fuel load to develop, then close [...]


Measuring Pellet consumption in a Pellet Grill

For those of you with Wood Pellet Grills, it’s easy to get a running cost. This is handy information when you are wondering if you have enough pellets to cook what you want. You could also put enough of one type of pellet in to start the cook, then top up with a different [...]


Quick Tip: Cable Clips

Just a Quick Tip this time, I use these little plastic clips from bread bags to keep my Temperature Probe leads neat and tidy! There are also good for sorting the electrical spaghetti behind the telly!


The Art of Living according to Joe Beef

The Art of Living according to Joe Beef Authors: Frederick Morin, David McMillan, Meredith Erickson Wow, where to start? They say on the dust jacket “A Cookbook of Sorts” and well, it is! It’s the philosophy you have to admire! We need a smoker…let’s build one! Can anybody weld?...No…OK, I’ll learn! You’ve got to [...]