Corporate BBQ School Team Building


Urban Griller has a number of services we offer the Corporate world.

We provide BBQ based team-building as a short class or the full day Introduction to BBQ class.

BBQ Team-building is more fun than rafting or mountain climbing and more inclusive than building bridges over imaginary rivers!

BBQ School


BBQ is non threatening, everyone is happy to participate and everyone will learn something.

Your staff will go back to work talking about the fun they had at Team Building and for months will be swapping BBQ recipes and tall tales!.


Flame sear

The nature of our operation is flexible, but it is a heavily Meat based class, and includes Pork products as well as seafood (and we cannot guarantee nut free).



Hello Urban Griller, A couple of my Leading Hands recently attended your BBQ school and now we can’t get them to shut up. Hopefully one of them will cook for me soon. I was wanting to see if you might be interested in having a team building school for my Drilling Team? Depending on how I break it up I have 12 to 21 people I could invite to such an event.



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